What can a smart swatch do? It is a lazy answer that a smart swatch is the convenient notification center, it can do more.

Firstly, it can notify events, by making sound and vibrating. Then what? Raise my hand and have a look, then touch the screen using another hand to response or occasionally pick up the phone from a pocket.

It sounds natural but not fancy at all, in particular when I was handing something in any hand.

Why don’t this little thing tell me what is happening and wait for my answer?

I like it to be:

  • A lot of sensors, they collect all kinds of environment information which I will care sooner or later. I’m not an expert of sensor, so that just surprise me.
  • A low energy cost camera built-in.
    • Thus I can capture the scene much faster.
      It is really annoying to pick up the phone and to swipe to launch camera and to focus the camera and to get aware it is too late. With the swatch, it is quite possible to resume the camera  by a gesture of raising the arm and stabling it in front of my face.
    • And I don’t mind the low resolution of the image if I can FaceTime  on the swatch. But considering the battery, I guess it is a little early to do it.
  • Siri inside, which means speaker and mic built-in as well.
  • A special designed BLE headset in the bundle, it is essential for daily usage.
    • So that I need not raise the hand for most of time.
    • This headset can connect to the swatch and iPhone at same time.
    • There are buttons or touch-able area to activate Siri on the swatch. This can be
  • This swatch must be able to wireless recharge, so do the headset.
  • It is an iHome controller.
    I forget where my phone is all the times at home and even at office, the swatch has better availability as a controller.
  • It works fine without a iPhone.
    I often left my cell phone in my car or on my desk.
  • And it is a part of handoff planet.
    It is lovely to have continuity on the swatch instead of my laptop when I’m doing presentation.

Well, I want to learn how to create a concept video now.

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