The struggling with CocoaPods seems got ending

CocoaPods is really cool tool to incorporate 3rd party open source library,  it is even cooler with the app built-in framework support added in recent (since 0.36) and  dedup-ing of targets along with simpler name in 0.38.

Naturally, I’m considering to use CocoaPods as a primary tool to organize the project, which means private repo and destruct the project into pods.

At beginning, I made my mind up like:

屏幕快照 2015-09-19 下午1.14.32

But soon I got a lot issue to struggle with, thus the working environment is involuted to:

CocoaPods repo setup with struggling env

Yep, I had to draw this to clear my mind.

One of those modules  come with CoreData model (.xcdatamodeld) and the model just didn’t appear after pod install. And lately I get it, the bundle folder itself is better to be added as a source file, but I still need to add it back to project, or it will not be compiled. And, I can’t.

After quite a lot struggling, I believe the answer can only dig out from its source code. CocoaPod is written in Ruby, which I haven’t learn yet, which means I have to learn Ruby firstly, which is why I didn’t read its code at first time.

Fortunately, Ruby is a simple language, it took about half day to learn the syntax. Thanks a lot to a good tutorial ( and a great quick reference ( Here is my study notes:

Ruby Language

— Oh, no, I should have read ( at first moment, it is way far efficient written for me.

Reading source code of CocoaPods is a little confusing, I cannot find the entry point until reading its CLAide sub project. Other parts are quite readable, soon I located the file_accessor using Dir glob to list files survived cleaning, which doesn’t understand specific folder is a bundle and will list its contents, those contents obviously are not recognized as source file. Considering I haven’t read all the source code and it is quite possible to have side effects to patch glob-ing part, I decided to insert the patch in adding source reference part.

So that a quick and a little dirty patch is created and PR is submitted. If you happen having same idea by now, try my fork (  After cloned, you may install it by:

gem build ./cocopods.gemspec
sudo gem install --local ./cocoapods-0.39.0.beta.4.gem

BTW, CocoaPods includes 1645 spec requirements (unit tests) and 1650 integration test requirements, really surprised me.



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