It is just like walking on a steel wire over the deep…

…to play with Apple’s famous Xcode and LLVM compiler sets, especially for ARM instead of x64 series.

So, somebody may ask: What beats you on the face _again_?

This time Apple decided to use clang 4.0 from LLVM 3.1svn in its latest Xcode 4.4, which was just pushed out with Mountain Lion some days ago. That’s OK. Generally most of things still work, most of codes still got compiled. But, suddenly I found an assembling error on my one .S file: invalid instruction ‘ldmltfd’. It is not the exact error message but you know the meaning is it.

The .S file can be compiled/assembled without any problem by previous Xcode version, if my memory is still correct, at least by any version of Xcode 4.x and its toolchains, from apple-gcc-4.2 to clang. And, ‘ldmltfd’ is a valid ARM instruction. So it should be another LLVM/clang’s issue. Indeed I must not feel surprising since I already encountered many before.

But I must have a work around otherwise I must return back to Xcode 4.3.x, which doesn’t have official ML support in it. Though I think it is not a big problem, the uninstall and install still take much time. OK. Let’s see.

After adding ‘-v’ to compiling option the output shows clang called itself with ‘-cc1as’ after executed preprocessing. ‘clang -cc1as –help’ shows this call invokes clang’s integrated assembler to assemble the source instead of invoking external ‘as’ program. Fortunately ‘clang’ in my Lion system is still an old version (3.1 from LLVM3.1svn) so I can check it over the source with ‘-v’ option and found it invokes external assembler.

The issue is clear now. Apple guys or LLVM guys or guys having both roles thought clang’s integrated assembler is stable and complete enough. They released this version of clang with integrated assembler set as default behavior in Xcode 4.4. I am just this unlucky man stepping on the mines.

Solution is always simple as long as clang permitted us disable its integrated assembler. Adding ‘-no-integrated-as‘ to each .S file solved the issue, but it still took me about 1 hour to look for the cause and about half an hour to write this blog.


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