Build Qt from source and install it on Windows

The major problem is its installation.

1. Suing shadow building. Configure the building in a side directory.

configure --target xp --prefix the-correct-path-to-install -D _USING_V110_SDK71_ 

For example,

configure --target xp --prefix C:/Qt/5.6.3/msvc2015_xp -D _USING_V110_SDK71_ 

The correct install path is important, since a qconfig.cpp file would be generated with this path inside.

2. nmake
3. nmake install INSTALL_ROOT=any-directory-you-want

The directory specified in INSTALL_ROOT variable is a temporary location.

4. Copy all things under INSTALL_ROOT/Qt/5.6.3/qtbase/ to your real installation directory.

5. Make a new qt.conf inside installation directory/bin

That’s all. Now you can add this new installation into Qt Creator manually.