Haunted by Apple Dev Account

I used this Apple ID without iDP enrollment to record a tutorial for a while, it stop working suddenly. Fortunately, I logged into the dev center soon and got award the developer account is hanged for unknown reason. After complaining with Apple guys, the account is restored.

But then, “The identity used to sign the executable is no longer valid.” started.

Well, I had never met this error before and I just reset this test device today for troubleshooting something. Maybe, there is some bug when restoring. But devices shows those provision files are all restored. Well, maybe the account restoring caused something weird? Let me try to reset signing id for iOS program, but no luck. And to delete apple id and re-add it didn’t make it, too.

So I opened Keychain Access app to take a look at certificates, well, the developer certificate of this id is marked as revoked. Good, got you!

But, this certificate refused to be deleted! Tried at least three times, it disappeared immediately after delete key pressed and appear back in 1 second! How mad!

When I got calm down, I guess there is something locked that certificate. So logout and re-login, woo la la, it disappeared. Problem solved.