JavaScript is eventful nowadays

JavaScript world is really a mess. It is all ES6’s fault!

It took years to harmony E4X and ES3.1 to ES5, ES6 just begin the chaos now. Well ES6 is just good, except adding the goal of static variable object-capability secure subset, the language is no longer that simple and it is sad to see the prototype is no longer that essential。

ES Spec is still draft, the community is wild with joy, 6to5/bable/continuum/traceur/transpiler so many ES6 to ES5 compilers, Firefox/Chrome followed closely.  And MS TypeScript is now ES6 too. And I can’t believe Angular2 chose the TypeScript.

Those Angular2 developers are trendsetters! It is great to RIP so many pollutes into html source in Angular1, polymer is great(IE, you are doomed), but why I have to write the urgly js function to initialise it?

Joyent and StrongLoop wants a stable Node.js to attract enterprise users, so that they decided to persist with ES5 version of V8 VM. So that Fedor Indutny lead a group of core developers who have complained the project government for long to fork up to play the bleeding edge ES6 , that’s the birth of io.js at 2014-11-28 (PS, io.js should be all in lowercase per the project website)

Can I be pleasant to write my simple script any how?