Download WWDC 2013 session video by batch

Apple provides all the session videos on web page :
But my home network to Apple’s CDN is not stable, sometimes fast some times slow, it is painful to view online in WWDC iOS App. And it is annoying to download by many clicks. Why don’t they put those videos in iTunes U as usual?

Fortunately, I know a little javascript。
Enter in the address bar of the browser:

javascript:refs=””; for (var i=0; i < document.links.length; i++) { if (document.links[i].href.endsWith(“”) ) refs += “\n<br><a href='”+document.links[i].href+”‘>”+document.links[i].href+”</a>”; } document.write(refs);

Then I have the url list, it is handy to use any batch downloading plugin or just wget to pull those files back.